Exploring the value of design.

Towards a Design Action Plan for the South East: A London Perspective

Event date: 23 / 11 / 2018

Location: Design Council, 407 Saint John Street, London EC1V 4AB

We are hosting a participatory workshop at the Design Council. This is a participatory workshop with experts from both the public and private sectors, which looks to explore the current drivers and barriers of the strategic use of design in London and the South East region. The workshop aims to work towards co-developing an action plan to better utilise design for the UK economy and the society.

Design is a strong and important sector in the UK and a significant contributor to national competitiveness providing £85.2bn GVA to the UK Economy (Design Council, 2018). Design is also recognised as a driver for innovation in the UK (Innovate UK, 2016). However, is it being recognised and used as a significant asset for the nation in the private, public and education sectors? What actions are required to overcome the current barriers and enhance the drivers?

The workshop will provide a chance to discuss these issues with various stakeholders of design to agree and disagree with ideas that will contribute in creating design action plan for London as well as for the UK as a whole. There will be a light lunch after the workshop where you will be able to (re)acquaint with fellow experts.

If you would like to participate in the workshop please e-mail



09:30 Arrivals & Registration

10:00 Ice Breaking Session: Martyn Evans

10:15 Welcome and an Introduction: The Design Council and Martyn Evans

10:30 Activity 1 – Drivers and barriers of the strategic use of design in London: Anna Whicher

11:40 Coffee & Tea Break

12:00 Activity 1 – Discussion: Martyn Evans

12:10 Activity 2 – Priorities for London and proposed actions: Andy Walters

13:20 Closing Discussion: The Design Council and Martyn Evans

13:30 Networking Lunch